About Us


Granero Exposed

Downtown Columbus, more notably, The Arena District, has a reputation as THE place to be!
With new restaurants, and bars, sprouting like mushrooms in The Arena District as well as The
Short North, there are quite a few choices , but for those of you searching for an experience like
no other, look no further than Granero Lounge.

Nestled amid The Arena District’s businesses, Granero is the brainchild of The Michael
Brothers, Sam and Fadi Michael.

The lounge is located in a rather unassuming spot, literally carved out of a parking garage to the
convention center. However, the interior will remind visitors of a minimalist, Cast Away
feeling to a barn you might find in the Island Tropics. The decor allows the simplistic beauty of
exposed bricks and rustic wood to really shine, though beauty isn’t the only thing that brings
folks to Granero. The Granero lounge is “the buzz” with excited energy over its ability to support
all comers for any type of environment or event.

Granero is famous for its original handcrafted mojitos and rum cocktails. The signature drinks
will be constructed with real sugar cane stems. You can experience the otherworldly taste of a fine
menu to complement the signature drinks.

Granero is your “one-stop” destination for all things. Whether you are in the mood for fine dining,
catching your favorite sports team in action on our many TV’s or you are looking for the ultimate
nightlife experience. Granero is your destination!